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Vaughan Indoor Playground

At IFA’s Indoor Playground Vaughanour trained staff are here to support, guide and inspire your child to learn through social nurturing. Canadian research shows that play-based learning improves a child’s aptitude for healthier emotional well being, learning development and academic success. Our location is a safe and affordable indoor playground offering a wide array of interactive games, kids birthday parties, art and music classes.


Vaughan Indoor Playground Enhances Children's Learning

Vaughan Indoor Playground Enhances Children’s Learning


Our Indoor Playground Vaughan Has Play-Based Learning Programs For Parents-Children Participation


Did you know children learn more when they are playing? The learning process of a child is very important at an early age. We want to help parents in encouraging that intellectual growth of their child at our indoor playground in Vaughan. The development of each program, using an abstract understanding of children’s learning capabilities, enables IFA to help them develop friendships and learning experiences they will cherish forever.


Music boosts memory and learning in Children? For that reason we offer Music With Mommy


Help speed up your child’s memory and learning development by participating in our Music With Mommy Classes at our Indoor Playground, Vaughan. Children will learn to explore their abilities in a fun way by experiencing music. They will also spend quality time with you. Many mothers will notice improvements in child development when music is brought into their lives. With you by their side children will learn to communication and expression. Our goal is to teach children how to develop relationships, and the value of that much needed support.


Kinder Art and Fun Club:


IFA’s Indoor Playground in Vaughan is ready to help children pursue their individual talents and interests in multiple artistic categories, including art history. Play-based learning and arts stimulate child learning. They’ll practice their art skills and test their aptitude for drawing, all while learning colour theory and photography. Art also helps develop social and academic skills. As a child grows up the skills they learn today will benefit them tomorrow and we make it all accessible to them at Vaughan’s best Indoor Playground.


Claymation Studio


The Claymation Studio is focused on creating a comprehensive learning space for children to explore their creative passion. They will be given the opportunity to learn about the production of cartoons, sound effects and stop-motion video.


Little Country TV Production


Movie and television industry knowledge provides insight for children looking to understand how their favorite movies and television shows are made. IFA has expressed a willingness and a very holistic interest in designing programs that children will enjoy. The video and television production program is for children between the ages of 6 and 14. We offer opportunities for kids to test their movie and television knowledge as a director, camera operator, announcer and film editor.


Kids Computer Classes


Dedicating time to the development computer knowledge is beneficial to children, both academically and with regards to their future career. Being able to understand a computer, and the way it works, can do wonders for a child’s development. Computers have made their way into our everyday lives, and being able to work effectively in collaboration with them has become a necessity. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach children the value of a computer, and what it has to offer them.


Chess Classes


Chess is a game that requires logic, critical thinking and patience. Teaching children to play chess is very important for their intellectual development. School programs have incorporated chess clubs to help generate an interest in the game, and all it has to offer. Chess will teach children the ability to strategically think, plan and foresee consequences.

Every child is different, but the wide variety of educational programs offered by IFA’s Vaughan Indoor Playground ensures that there is something for everyone. Contact us if you have any questions about the programs we offer, and what you think would be a good fit for your child’s development.

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