North York Indoor Playground Uses Social Play To Ensure Your Child’s Success


As parents we have a long-standing goal to make sure that our children are happy and are set up for success. Some of the most trying times as the parent of a young child occur when these two objectives are in conflict with each other. But the times when the two work in harmony are moments of triumph and joy. Our Thornhill indoor playground is built around achieving these objectives in a safe, positive, and encouraging environment.

Play is one of those fortunate instances where children get to achieve immediate happiness while setting them up for long-term success. At our indoor playground in Thornhill we have set up a fun social environment where children can learn, grow and play with each other. Studies have shown a definite correlation between positive social play and long-term school success. Social play at a young age has been found to relate to have immediate and long lasting benefits to school success. This involves everything from successful behavior, like active engagement in the classroom, to developing social, learning, and emotional skills.

While our Thornhil indoor playground is set up with a number of unique programs that help children develop learning skills, the value of play extends well beyond these programs. A variety of social play opportunities, such as games, music, and play areas, give children a vast platform of opportunities to develop the skills and attitudes they need for lasting academic success – all while making friends and having the time of their lives!

Play lays the building blocks of positive childhood development. A positive social play environment sets the foundations your child needs to succeed. It helps them to develop the skills they need in school and in life as well as creating successful attitudes.


Skills Developed Through Play


Follow Directions:

For a young, the ability to follow directions is an absolutely critical skill. Games and play provide the opportunity to learn this skill while engaging in an activity they are interested in. All games follow sets of rules and guidelines. Learning these rules teaches your child to follow directions in a fun and encouraging way.



Social play requires the development of communication skills. In order to achieve objectives, children need to figure out how to communicate clearly and effectively so that they can accomplish a common goal with their teammates. Listening is another important communication skill children learn in social games. As important as it is for their team to understand them, it is important for them to understand their team. The ability to communicate effectively is a requirement to reach the objectives of social games. Communication skills, physical, vocal, and listening are important skills for academic and social success that are learned through play.



Social skills are, of course, a key element of social play. Kids learn to build friendships, work as a team, and co-operate/collaborate with others. All of these skills not only set them up for success in school activities, such as group work, but for happier personal lives as they can build better relationships throughout their lives.


Taking Turns:

Many of the games kids play together involve turns. Turn-based games are another great opportunities for social learning. Through taking turns children learn to share and develop an awareness of others. These skills are basic tenants of functioning effectively in school and in society.



In social play children learn to better understand their own emotions and to empathize with others. This emotional learning helps them to be more comfortable with themselves and develop the confidence that will lead them to success inside and outside the classroom. The ability to empathize with others will help them form stronger bonds and increase their social intelligence.


Focus Attention:

Every parent knows the familiar challenge of trying to keep a young child focused. Even in solo play young kids will lose focus frequently, switching toys and activities every few minutes. Social play gives children a goal to work towards. This helps them understand and develop a focus to complete given objectives. Games reward their success, so they are incentivized to stay on task.


Making Choices:

Growing up, kids get used to having the majority of decisions made for them. Social play gives them the opportunity to make their own decisions. This is an important opportunity for them, as it develops their ability to make choices and see the results of those choices. This helps to develop stronger choice making and problem solving skills. Making their own choices also helps to develop a sense of responsibility that lasts with them as they grow.


Positive Learning Attitudes Developed Through Play


Love for Learning:

Play is one of the best ways to develop a child’s love of learning. Through play children are encouraged to explore their curiosity. The positive and fun environment helps to develop enthusiasm for learning. Playing in a group setting reinforces these effects because of the positive influence from their peers. Children learn to associate learning with fun by learning through play. This encourages a thirst for knowledge that will stay with them throughout their academic careers.



Children learn to become actively engaged in the learning process through play. Kids who have grown up with positive social play opportunities are more actively engaged in activities in the classroom. Their positive experiences in play make them more willing participants as they have learned to associate engagement in social environments, like a classroom, as a positive experience.


Long-Term Success in School and In Life Starts With Play:

Our Thornhill indoor playground is designed to create an engaging play experience that will help to foster healthy childhood development, leading to success in school and in life. We have created a fun and safe environment that encourages children to explore, learn, and play together. From our baby zone to birthday parties we promote fun and engaging development for all ages. Visit us today, and watch your children grow and play.

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