Indoor Playground Near Richmond Hill Uses Art to Develop Young Minds

Playground In Richmond Hill

Indoor Playground In Richmond Hill Uses Art to Develop Young Minds


IFA playground, an indoor playground in Richmond Hill has a variety of programs and activities that are helping children develop learning skills. Programs like the Kinder Art & Fun Club are helping to create a basis to help young kids learn and grow to boost their future academic development. In recent years, it has become evident that involvement in art at a young age is an important way for children to learn.

Why Art is a Valuable Learning Tool for Children

Anyone who has seen or participated in kids making art is sure to see that it is a fun activity for them. It’s evident that for them that opening up and using art for self-expression is an important part of development. They have the opportunity to play in a medium that allows children flexibility, freedom of choice, and expression. What may not be immediately visible is arts’ incredible educational power, helping children develop creative thinking, problem solving, and social skills.

At the preschool age, every experience has the potential to be a learning experience. Young children are able to absorb lots of information and what they learn at a young age is a determining factor in their development. At our indoor playground in Richmond Hill we offer a Kinder Art & Fun Club that helps kids absorb information that will develop their other learning abilities.

Literacy skills have been found to have a direct relation to learning through art. The Dana Consortium Study, Learning, Arts, & the Brain, discovered that arts education showed direct correlation with improvement in literary and phonetic development among young children. Phonetic skills development found a strong correlation with music programs, where children learn to understand meanings and emotions behind words, as well as encouraging communication. Drawing pictures of stories helps to promote reading comprehension among children. As well, this aids in learning pre-writing skills such as understanding story structure, expression, and reflective skills.

Arts education results in better retention. Our Vaughan indoor playground helps children learn in a stimulating environment. Using art as medium to learn makes lessons more impactful, interesting, and involved. Art programs, in our positive indoor playground in Richmond Hill help children feel encouraged and engaged in learning, creating lifelong learners.

Even activities generally not associated with the arts have been found to have a direct positive correlation with arts. A study found that math skills were much higher among those who had a background in arts as young children. Preschool involvement in art, such as the Kinder Art & Fun Club in our Woodbridge indoor playground, help children get a grasp of basic geometry, as well as recognizing and understanding numbers and patterns. These translate into understanding basic concepts in math more easily.

Art educates emotions. The arts have a significant impact on personal and social learning. Just as with our kinder music program, Music With Mommy, our art program helps children learn to identify emotions, meanings, and to better express themselves.

Come in to the best indoor playground in Richmond Hill for an experience that will help develop young minds. Our Kinder Art program is a sensory learning experience that helps children learn at their own rate. Learning through the arts adapts to any age and skill level. Contact us today to join a program.

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