Kid’s Indoor Playground Near North York: 5 develomental skills children will learn playing at IFA’s Interactive Indoor Playground


Your child’s playtime is so much more than child’s play. It is a time for them to learn and explore in a fun, safe indoor environment. Our Indoor playground near North York offers a safe environment for children where they will have an opportunity to explore, discover and have fun playing with friends, family. Our affordable in indoor playground in Vaughan can host day trips, birthday parties and much much more!

IFA Playground’s many fun options for children activities, games and play options will keep your children active, happy and healthy. Additionally, our interactive digital games will help your children develop many important skills.


Here Are 5 Beneficial Skills Your Child Can Develop Playing Interactive Games At the IFA Indoor Playground Near North York


Children Learning at Our Indoor Playground Near North York

Children Learning at Our Indoor Playground Near North York















1. Goal Setting:

Games are goal oriented. While your children play they are working towards a set goal. Completing the objectives gives a sense of joy and accomplishment that leaves a positive impression on the value of setting and accomplishing goals. Along the way they learn that to achieve their goals they may have to go through a series of smaller tasks, developing more complicated goal setting that can be easily applied to real life. This type of skill learning can be invaluable to your child’s future.

2. Social Skills:

Playing Interactive Games with others allows children to develop their social skills. They learn to build relationships and pick up on social cues, empathizing with others as they react to successes and failures in game.

The need for teamwork to overcome obstacles helps them to learn the value of cooperation and get better at working with others to achieve a common goal. Interactive games are a low-pressure way to allow children to compete so they can learn to lose or win gracefully, and not to be discouraged by a loss.

3. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking:

Interactive games are highly focused on strategy and problem solving. They engage children mentally, challenge them to analyze situations and recognize patterns. They develop skills in learning through trial and error, attention to detail, and experimenting with their own ideas.

4. Coordination and Spatial Awareness

Interactive games are a great way to help kids develop an awareness of their surroundings. Objectives may involve interacting with something that is out of place or out of their immediate focus. Timing is a key factor in interactive games, which gets children to develop and improve their hand-eye coordination.

Motion based Interactive Games help improve overall coordination and your children’s ability to have their whole body respond to commands and interact with their environment in an enhanced way.

5. Fun & Positive Environment

Fun! Fun! Fun! Children want to have fun and do everything while they’re having fun. The most important part of your child’s playtime is that they must be having fun to stay engaged. This way they’re able to learn and grow in a positive environment while getting top notch skills for their future. This is precisely why, IFA Indoor Playground near North York has ventured on to create an engaging and safe environment, so that more focus can be placed on a fun experience. We want to help you create a stronger future for your child through a fun engaging experience.

Please contact us to set up a fun play date and get your child immersed in our many programs.

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