Indoor Playground In Markham Ignites Psychosocial Development

Indoor Playground In Markham

Indoor Playground In Markham Ignites Psychosocial Development


For most of us, the primary reason we take our kids to a playground is for the immediate result. We want our kids to be happy, active, and have fun. What we do not always consider are the long lasting positive effects these experiences have on our kids.

The active, social, and positive environment of a playground usually creates a long lasting positive result on the growth and development of our kids. But the controlled nature of an indoor playground makes it capable of even greater results. Our indoor playground in Markham is designed specifically to meet the needs and interests of children. Research performed with the Department of Preschool Education at Ankara University uncovered that creating a play setting designed around the needs and interests of children had the greatest effect on psycho-motor and psychosocial development, even among preschool aged children.

The healthy development of psychosocial and psycho-motor function doesn’t just play a critical role in setting up your child up for success, but also for happiness, confidence, and health.

What is psycho-motor and psychosocial health?

Each of these terms is a crucial element of the healthy psychological development of any person. Both have their greatest benefit when we begin developing them at a young age. Our Markham indoor playground is designed for the growth of both of these elements.

Psycho-motor Health

Psycho-motor health involves cognitive and physical development. A major component is in motor skills in relation to conscious mental activity. Many of the games and attractions in our Markham indoor playground are goal oriented, which enhances the development of these skills. Working towards a goal requires focus and conscious mental activity to achieve it, both through mental problem solving and physical actions. Through these activities children have a safe and encouraging environment where they are able to receive immediate encouragement from success or to learn through mistakes, adjusting their technique and trying again.

Some of the traits developed through psycho-motor health:

  • Goal Oriented
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Problem Solving
  • Trial and Error Learning


Psychosocial Health


Psychosocial health comes down to three main areas of development; Mental, Emotional, and Social. All of these factors are major contributors to raising a happy, confident, and comfortable child.


The mental aspect of psychosocial health is about more than just getting smarter. It is about developing social intelligence and preserving mental health. Some of the areas the mental element of psychosocial health focuses on developing positive attitudes, accepting responsibility, learning from mistakes, and learning healthy responses to social situations.

Strong mental health will help to develop healthy attitudes, learning habits, and inspire confidence. The playground is a great place for children to develop these building blocks of mental health. They are put in situations that test these requirements, but maintaining a safe, encouraging, and fun atmosphere so that they are less likely to become discouraged.


Emotional development is important for both individual growth and external interaction. Both of these are necessary for building happiness, confidence, motivation and relationships. Developing emotional intelligence is a core component of setting your child up for success in their personal life, in academics, and in their careers.

It involves getting to know others just as much as getting to know yourself. Our indoor playground in Markham offers a variety of activities and programs that help develop emotional skills. Music with mommy helps preschoolers with emotional development. Through these social environments and music classes, children learn to empathize with others and to recognize their own emotions.

By recognizing their own emotions kids can learn to engage and manage them in a healthy and constructive manner. Through recognizing the emotions of others they become better able to understand the effects of their actions, and to manage their relationships with others. Developing these skills early in their life, sets them up for future success in their personal and business lives.


The discussion of relationships brings us to the final element of psychosocial health and social health. Humans are social beings, especially at a young age, so the development of social skills plays an essential role in the development of any child. They inform their ability to create and maintain all of the relationships they build in life.

The development of social skills has more benefit the earlier it is introduced. But it is important to continue to encourage social situations throughout all of childhood.

As kids grow their social interactions become more complex and keeping them active socially is the best way to help them keep up. Our Markham indoor playground is designed to encourage healthy social interaction. Kids have social values positively reinforced through play and positive social environments.

As your child’s social skills develop they not only become more able to express themselves, but become more receptive to others. They develop better listening skills, as well becoming more comfortable helping others and asking for help when they require it.

Traits Developed Through the Growth of Psychosocial Health

The development of psychosocial health helps a child grow comfortably and confidently which allows them to take on many positive traits as a result. The following are a few of the most noticeable and important:

  • Manage & Recognize emotions.
  • Responsibility for self
  • Motivation & Confidence
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • Positive Attitude

How an Indoor Playground Helps to Develop These Traits

Manage/Recognize Emotions

Participating in social situations at our Markham indoor playground, helps to encourage the recognition of emotions and inform healthy responses to them. But they can be enhanced even further given the right stimulation. Our indoor playground in Markham has designed its programs using the proven ability of art and music in recognizing and managing emotions.

Responsibility for Self

Play is a great way for kids to develop a responsibility for self. It puts them in a positive and encouraging environment where they can see the direct results of their actions. With a lack of judgement and no serious consequences for failures, they are able to see where they have made mistakes and adapt to correct them and try again. Upon completion they learn to feel rewarded for earned success. This develops healthy learning habits, being able to accept responsibility for their actions and learn to adjust.

Motivation & Confidence

As mentioned above, completing tasks gives children the rewarding feeling of success. In most of their lives, the majority of decisions are made for kids. In play, they get to make their own decisions, which is why success in games gives them such a rewarding feeling. The feeling of pay-off gets associated with hard work and this becomes a great motivator and also boosts their confidence. In our Markham indoor playground kids can play a variety of games. This not only lets them try their hand at a variety of activities, but also keeps them interested and having fun. By ensuring our activities meet the needs and interests of kids, we ensure that they remain engaged and develop these skills.


Empathy is a key social skill that will help your child throughout their entire life. In addition to our art and music programs, being able to play with children in the same age group helps accelerate their growth of empathy skills. In the same age groups kids tend to be capable of similar levels of social complexity.

Also playing with others in their same age group allows for better development of empathy among young children. Whether you come in for a drop-in visit or decide to book a birthday party package you can be assured that kids will be able to find playmates in their age group. We have a variety of games, activities, and play sections that are appropriate for different age groups.


While we have games and activities that are designed for individual play, most put a focus on teamwork. Whether solving puzzles or playing team sport games, our Markham indoor playground continuously puts the emphasis on teamwork throughout the whole process. As kids accomplish goals together, they learn the value of teamwork and the skills necessary to excel in a team environment.

Positive Attitude

Learning to approach tasks with a positive attitude is an essential skill for personal, academic, business, and social success. An indoor playground creates an environment that is safe, positive, encouraging, and most importantly – fun! This means kids are excited to explore, learn, and try new things. As kids learn to associate social activities and learning opportunities as fun and positive events, they develop a much more positive attitude towards them in the future.

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Our indoor playground in Markham is a great place for kids to learn, play and grow. With a friendly and positive attitude, children are encouraged to push their bounds through exploration and curiosity. With plenty of opportunity to play with other kids, they will go towards their natural inclination towards psychological development.  This is a core component of a healthy, balanced, and happy life.

So whether you are looking for a day of play, or to inspire lifelong psychosocial and psycho-motor development, we hope to see you here soon!

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