Indoor Playground In Woodbridge Offers Unique Learning Styles To Encourage Your Child’s Love Of Learning

Indoor Playground In Woodbridge Offers Unique Learning Styles

Indoor Playground In Woodbridge Offers Unique Learning Styles To Encourage Your Child’s Love Of Learning


Your child’s development relies on what they learn at a young age. Children must be taught methods to absorb information easier, and it is our job to teach them. Every child is different and learns in a unique environment. Howard Gardner of Harvard University helped identify seven types of intelligence, which give us an understanding of the different methods children learn.

Our indoor playground in Woodbridge encourages your child to discover new ways to learn while having fun. Our programs offer a full range of activities that provide a safe environment for children.


Programs For Different Styles Of Learning          


Music with mommy offers an exciting way to engage with children as they learn to excel aurally, or socially. Children who excel in a musical environment are aural (auditory, musical) learners. Music with mommy encourages your child’s learning by experimenting with music in a comfortable environment with your presence.

This fun activity allows your child to develop their aural learning abilities. Music with mommy also provides children with a chance to socialize with their parents and other children. Kids who excel socially can enjoy themselves while our program helps with their development as well. This program provides Woodbridge with an indoor playground that encourages children to socially experiment and interact while in a safe and fun environment.


Kinder Art and Fun Club

Our indoor playground in Woodbridge does not limit your child’s learning. Kinder art and fun club provides visual learners with an opportunity to develop their skills while engaging socially with friends. Our specialty staff ensures your child learns basic artistic skills and communication while having fun. IFA creates an opportunity for visual learners to excel in a comfortable setting.

Chess Class


We even offer learning opportunities for children who prefer a mathematical approach to learning. Chess classes provide children with an opportunity to improve their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Allowing children to learn basic chess skills and strategies creates an environment for logical learners to develop at a young age. After acquiring basic knowledge of the rules, the children are allowed to play against each other and work on their improvisation skills.

IFA introduces a new approach to indoor playgrounds in Woodbridge. Our trained staff at IFA believes that children should be allowed to learn in an environment that they would excel in depending on their style of learning.



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