Finding the Best Kids Birthday Party Places

Best Kids Birthday Party Places

Finding the Best Kids Birthday Party Places


You work night and day, 7 days a week caring for your child and making sure everyone in your house gets out the door safe and sound. You do so because you love your children and you’d do anything for them. While full-time parenting comes with a lot of hours and struggle, finding the right place to celebrate your child’s birthday doesn’t have to be. According to Statscan there are over 5.5 million Canadian children under the age of 14 celebrating birthdays each year. You’d think we’d be able to easily find birthday party facilities for them by now.


Are you thinking of a kids birthday party location that appeases your child, their friends and their parents? The best planned birthday parties are able to accommodate everyone and keep the children engaged in fun activities in a safe and controlled environment. While finding the right birthday party place in Toronto can be difficult, there are many birthday party options out there, tailored to make everyone in attendance satisfied.


When you end up choosing the right kids birthday party place, your household and your child’s school will be a buzz with anticipation for weeks and the talk of the town for the weeks that follow. Think of all the memorable birthday parties you used to have when you were younger. A child’s memory starts to form between ages 2 and 3. Great birthday parties should not be only limited to a fun afternoon or evening engagement. It should be inspired to form precious memory that can last a lifetime.


How do I choose the best kids birthday party place?


Among planning the date, the invitations and organizing the important details of your child’s birthday party, picking the right facility to host the party is very important. The place you choose to host the party should be able to cater to all who attend. This includes your child’s close friends, their parents and of course the special birthday boy or girl.


There are many factors that go into picking the best kids birthday party place. To do so you should take the following advice into account so you can find a party place that also caters to you!


  1. Pick a safe environment

Not much can compare to the care and attention of a parent. When there are many birthday party guests to look after however, it will help to have a trained staff experienced in working with youth. You can never put yourself in a situation where the safety of your and other children’s safety are in question. Finding a staff you can trust and an environment taking all the necessary safety precautions will help put you and other parent’s more at ease.


  1. Ease the other parents worries

You wouldn’t feel comfortable letting your child to go to a party that could be improperly supervised or potentially unsafe. You should choose a venue with a solid reputation for providing a safe environment for fun and activities. Only then will other parents be more willing to let their children go to your child’s party.


It’s also a good idea to find places that will accommodate the parents who are coming to the party as well. Are they going to be running around looking after their kids, or will everything be taken care of?  It’s best when they are given their own special room to chat and decompress for a minute.


  1. Keep the kids engaged

Some parents will make the mistake of choosing one activity. Thinking of just seeing a movie? They are subjective and children can be the harshest of critics. Bowling? What if they get bored? You don’t want your child to be heartbroken worrying about their friends not having a great time at their birthday. That’s why it’s important you choose a facility with a multitude of different engaging games and activities will help put those worries to bed. A facility with interactive games, good food, singing and dancing are some of the varying offerings that will make sure everyone is having a great time!


  1. You have to have the good food!

It’s tried, tested, and proven. Nothing wins over young people’s hearts and stomachs like a nice slice of pepperoni pizza. While it is the best choice, make sure to confer with other parents to make sure their children don’t have any allergies or dietary restrictions.


If all of the conditions in this list are kept in mind while you are planning your child’s birthday, it will go a long way to making sure you have a more worry free birthday fun for everyone. Of course there are great party places in Toronto that already have met all of these necessary conditions built to ensure the ultimate birthday satisfaction. One such place is IFA Playground.


IFA Playground in Vaughan, Ontario

To ease in the struggle of finding a suitable environment for your child’s birthday, we at IFA playground are here to put an end to your search. Our facility located in Vaughn, Ontario is tailored with fun games and activities to make kids birthdays fun for any age or gender!


We’ve got game

You don’t have to worry about how the children will be spending their time. They will be having an immense amount of fun with all the interactive games we have in store. Our games are interactive and are designed to take advantage of the many benefits video games can offer. Our games encourage physical activity, cognitive development, skill, teamwork and most of all enjoyment.


According to many studies, fun and active games at a young age can go a long way in helping a child develop properly. We have full giant interactive wall, the best video games entertainment, motion games to get your children moving, karaoke to showcase young talent as well as a disco room that will make all of the children – and perhaps some of the parents – hit the dance floor!


Safe and sound

IFA playground is full of experienced and trained staff operating with the aim of making sure your children are playing in a safe environment. You’ve already gone through the stress of finding the best birthday party place. When we are looking after your children, you can take that time to admire the great party you’ve thrown.


Happy Parents

Roughly 30% of parents have become exasperated after hearing that their child is bored. Not at our facility. Along with the satisfaction that their child is playing in a safe and fun environment for the afternoon or evening, we also provide coffee and tea for parents to enjoy. With all the high end interactive entertainment in our facility, even parents from time to time have jumped in to show off their sports skills or cut a rug on our dance floor! The only problem parents may run into is their children not wanting to leave our fun playground for kids!


All ages and genders

We have games and activities made to make children of all ages enjoy their special day. Any great fun environment should be able to make everyone happy. Both boys and girls will find the entertainment we have carefully selected for them will keep them entertained for hours on end. We even have a baby room for mothers with young babies full of toys for your infant to enjoy.


Made easy for you

You do so much for your children. That’s why we have tailored our service to make life a little easier for the parents who book their birthday party with us. When you book with IFA playground all you need to worry about is showing up – and trying to contain the excitement of your children. We’ve got the setup, the clean up and the take down covered. There’s no need to pack a lunch either as we also have that covered for you.


Of course we’re always open to your input and special requests you have in mind to make the birthday memorable. Every child is unique and deserves a personalized fun birthday party!


Our birthday party packages have been put together to give you the unforgettable birthday party experience you’re looking for. In addition to our fun facility, our packages can provide you party favours like loot bags, balloons and party hats.


We hope this article helped save you some time in your search for the best kids birthday party place. With IFA playgrounds proven track record of happy smiles, we know we are providing both children and their parents with a terrific birthday party. Birthday parties are usually booked weeks in advance so we advise you call us now at 1.647.575.6677 to make sure your special little one doesn’t miss out on all the fun birthday action! Find the right party option for your children today or contact us for more information and details so we can help make their day both fun, safe and unforgettable.



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