What Makes The Best Kids Party Places Toronto Has To Offer?

What Makes The Best Kids Party Places Toronto Has To Offer?

What Makes The Best Kids Party Places Toronto Has To Offer?


Looking for a great kids party place in Toronto? Finding the right place to appease any group of little ones can be tough. But isn’t party planning supposed to be difficult?

For adults, trying to appease everyone at a soiree can be writhe with difficulties. Is the red wine you’re serving to dry? Is the sauce on the chicken to spicy? Is the color of the wall in your house too bright? Yes. Being able to entertain a group of adults can be very tricky. Children on the other hand offer their own set of critiques and concerns.

For children, a successful party will be a measured success if it involves the following key ingredients: pizza, cake and a whole lot of fun. While children don’t necessarily make for the harshest food critics – vegetables notwithstanding – fun is a category where they are quick to give their analysis of whether it is fun or not.

How do we satisfy these scrupulous critics of fun? You don’t need to hire an expensive party planner. We just need to find a kids party place that delivers.

IFA indoor playground is the best kids party place Toronto has to offer and prides itself on making party planning easy again!


IFA Playground Is The Ultimate Kids Party Place In Toronto


Roughly 30% of parents have become exasperated after hearing that their child is bored. IFA’ indoor playground located in Vaughan, Ontario, has all the fun needed to inspire rave reviews from all the critics of fun and excitement for all of Toronto. Our party place is designed to make children have fun giving parents a chance to relax and unwind while their children enjoy the world of fun and excitement we have cooked up.


No child is left out at IFA playground. Our games and entertainment cater to children of all ages and genders. The best parties are the ones where everyone has an equal chance of getting in on the fun action!

Our Tried and True Fun Delivery System

Enter your kids into our world of carefully selected instruments of fun ranging from high-end modern interactive technology to hitting the dance floor. Children of all ages have enjoyed our video games, interactive walls, motion games, disco for kids, karaoke and other fun components. According to a report fun and active games at a young age can go help benefit their cognitive development and thinking skills. Our games are carefully chosen and are geared to do just that.

Interactive Walls

Ladies and gentleman… the future is upon us. The second your child touches our interactive screen that covers the whole wall, they will be hooked. Our many interactive wall games will have them jumping around trying their best to set a high score all while being active.

Hi-End Video Games

Long gone are those days of playing pong on a small black and white television. Our video game experience will have your children playing the latest video game titles on the big screen. Video games today can be very expensive so have them enjoy the best the video game world has to offer at a fraction of the price at our facility.

Motion Games

Who said video games are for couch potatoes? As a matter of fact, modern video games have come a long way in aspiring our children to be more active. Our variety of motion games make your child the controller and give them a workout! Using high end modern technology your child is transported into the game world and will be urged to be as active as they can to win!

Disco For Kids

Are your children ready to dance with the stars? A lit up dance floor and the tunes your children love will make for the best dance floor. Your children will be urged to dance their hearts out, and maybe parents can join in if the mood so strikes.

Karaoke Games

How many Canadian Idol winners or future sensations have we not come to know because they haven’t had the opportunity to grace us with their beautiful voices?  We have a great Karaoke room with all the songs and instruments your children need to have fun. There are many benefits to learning music young with the most immediate one being a lot of fun in our karaoke room.

All of these elements of fun have been proven to provide young party goers in Toronto with a lot of great memories and laughs. We also take pride in how our programs help develop and inspire creativity, cognitive skill, activity, and so much more!

We Don’t Forget the Adults!

Yes, a great night for children has to involve a lot of fun. However, they are not the only participants. IFA playground also caters to the parents and chaperones who are the real heroes in keeping the party going. The following considerations we’ve taken to appease adults have gone a long way to making us the best kids party place in Toronto.

Our Baby Zone

Are there a good number of infants on your invite list? Most parents invited to a children’s birthday party have other small children they need to look after. That’s why we’ve invented the Baby Zone, which is a padded and fully enclosed space, is specially designed for children up to 2 years of age. This area is complete with age appropriate toys and area for parents to sit and watch their kids.

Our Safety Standards

You wouldn’t feel comfortable letting your child to go to a party that could be improperly supervised or potentially unsafe. Going with our solid reputation for proven track record of providing a safe environment for all child fun and activities will help ease any concerns. Only then will other parents be more willing to let their children go to your child’s party.


Our Games Benefits

Our video games are selected to help encourage activity and participation. There are many benefits to playing video games when done in moderation. Our motion games inspire activity, our sports games inspire cooperation and sportsmanship, our singing competitions encourage showing hidden talents and our puzzle games help grow cognitive development.

We Cater to Adults

Parents do so much for their children and we understand they could use a party or two themselves. Along with the satisfaction that their child is playing in a safe and fun environment for the afternoon or evening, we also provide coffee and tea for parents to enjoy. With all the high end interactive entertainment in our facility, even parents from time to time have jumped in to show off their sports skills or cut a rug on our dance floor! The only problem parents may run into is their children not wanting to leave our fun playground for kids!


We Don’t Forget the Small Stuff!

Any great party lies in the details. Our party packages include all the balloons, loot bags, food, and anything you would remember from the great parties you’ve attended as a child. There are many things like timing, booking entertainment, serving food, and other things that could go wrong when planning your party that are no longer a concern when you book with us. When you’ve been throwing kids birthday parties as long as we have, it’s hard not to be really good at it!

We also Cater to You – The Booker!

You do so much for your children. That’s why we have tailored our service to make life a little easier for the parents who book their birthday party with us. Where other venues may give you some pushback on certain decisions, we are open to all creative suggestions you may have in mind. When you book a party with IFA playground all you need to worry about is getting all the children to our Vaughan location. We’ve got the setup, the clean up and the take down covered. There’s no need to pack a lunch either as we also have that covered for you.


We know at the end of the day a kids party place isn’t just for the children. Our success as a premier location for children’s parties stems from our ability to provide a service for both parents and their children.


The advice in this article is an extension of the help we give to every parent that comes through our doors and we hope it helped save you some time in your search for the best kids party place for your child. With IFA indoor playgrounds proven track record of making happy smiles, we know we are providing both children and their parents with a memorable time.


Parties are usually booked weeks in advance so we advise you call us now at 1.647.575.6677 to make sure your special little one doesn’t miss out on all the fun! Find the right party option for your children today or contact us for more information and details so we can help make their day both fun, safe and unforgettable.



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