An Affordable, Safe Indoor Playground That Children and Their Parents Will Enjoy in Vaughan

IFA Indoor Playground



Our fun and safe indoor playground facility was designed for families with young children in mind. Our goal at IFA Indoor Playground is to create a fun, safe, environment filled with a variety of entertaining games and learning experiences for children of all ages. The IFA Indoor Playground staff is here to educate, interact and keep children entertained in a rich environment full of fun interactive activities and learning experiences. We have comfortable sitting areas for parents and offer an assortment of food, snacks and drinks available.


IFA’s Interactive Indoor Playground is just a short drive away from Markham, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, King City and Toronto. IFA’s Indoor Playground facility has interactive games, disco dancing and a Karaoke room, as well as a baby zone specifically designed for children under 2 years of age.


The IFA Indoor Playground Baby Zone


Our indoor Baby Zone is specially designed to create a fun and safe environment for toddlers and infants. We understand that babies and toddlers require special attention. We facilitate their  need for gradual introduction to new and exciting things and surroundings in a safe environment. Moms and dads can see their children in full view at all times from a few feet away and interact with their children if they wish.

When your child outgrows the IFA Baby Zone our specially trained staff will slowly introduce and help them explore the rest of the Indoor Playground.


Introducing the Interactive Game Centre


IFA Indoor Playground

IFA Indoor Playground

IFA’s Indoor Playground has new and exciting technology available to help stimulate children’s imaginations. They will be exposed to interactive playgrounds that give them access to touch capable games. Our interactive games are a wonderful way to introduce children to technology while their parents observe the influence it has on their education.


High End Video Games Made Readily Available


Our Indoor Playground facility has high-end games for your children to enjoy. With big screens available there is everything from sports games to adventure games for everyone. Every game has an educational component that will teach children how to play, as well as how to play together.


Excite Their Minds With Motion Games


Motion games have become very popular with children of all ages. That is why IFA’s Indoor Playground has incorporated motion censored games into our Indoor Playground facility. With the touch of a finger children can interact with our games and the challenges they present.


Develop Their Passion for Dancing and Karaoke


IFA offers a variety of activities for children who have an interest in music. With areas dedicated to dance and Karaoke, kids can enjoy popular songs from their favourite artists. Under the close supervision of their parents, and our trusted staff, kids will have an endless amount of fun.


Indoor Playhouse

Indoor Playhouse

Don’t Stop the Party, Throw a Birthday Celebration!


Offering different birthday party options IFA is prepared to accommodate our guests if they wish to plan a party for their children. Give your children a fun and memorable birthday, they’ll get to try new games and interact with other children as our experienced staff walks them through the facility. Parents will also enjoy watching their children have fun interacting with our advanced gaming systems.


We Hope to See You and Your Kids Soon


IFA’s Indoor Playground is dedicated to providing parents and children with what they need to have a fun and positive learning experience. For those of you who plan on visiting we recommend an extra pair of socks, for both children and parents. As for snacks we ask that if you are going to bring your own please bring peanut free items.


Come for a visit and we’ll make it an experience that both parents and children are not likely to forget. If you live in Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, King City or Toronto come visits IFA’s Indoor Playground for an unbelievable family experience filled with fun and learning.

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