Richmond Hill Indoor Playground Uses Music to Enhance Cognitive Development

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Richmond Hill Indoor Playground Uses Music to Enhance Cognitive Development


Our Richmond Hill indoor playground recognizes the tremendous impact music can have on a child’s development. For young children, music is an opportunity for bonding, education, social and emotional learning.

While it has long been clear that music makes for a fun and encouraging learning environment for kids, advancements in neural understanding and technology has made the complete benefits of musical learning clearer. As technology and science improve, we expect to see the correlation only grow stronger.

Teachers and parents have long used music as a tool to get children actively engaged and interested in learning. Music has also been a staple of memorization techniques, such as teaching children the alphabet. In the past, not all cognitive benefits of music have been as easily demonstrated as memory skills. So much of musical learning has been viewed as social, physical, and emotional.  Today, however, we are able to get a much clearer picture of how music enhances cognitive development.


The Effects of Music on Cognitive Development


Indoor Playground In Woodbridge Offers Unique Learning Styles

Indoor Playground In Woodbridge Offers Unique Learning Styles

Music has benefits on cognitive development that last both short term and long term. Our Richmond Hill Indoor Playground takes care to create a fun and stimulating approach to achieving both of these functions.

Short Term:

The short-term cognitive benefits of music for young children are some of the most visible. As discussed earlier music plays a powerful role in memorization. For children and adults alike, using music and rhymes helps with recall, especially in the short term.

Recent studies performed by the Rotman Research Institute uncovered that musical training has a direct effect on verbal intelligence. After just a few days of musical training the group of children in the study displayed marked improvement in their verbal intelligence. The improvement was consistent across the board with 90% of the group. The study deemed their finding as conclusive evidence that music is a catalyst for transfer of high-level cognitive skill among young children.

Long Term:

While there has been little denial that music is an excellent learning tool for children, there has been past debate over the lasting power of this method. Recent studies have found that musical learning leaves a lasting impression with long term improved cognitive function that extends into adulthood.

The Journal of Neuroscience has published findings on the long-term cognitive effects of music. Beyond discovering improved cognitive function in children undergoing musical learning, they also found that adults who had musical training as children had retained those neural changes as adults. Adults who had undergone musical instruction as children were found to have stronger and healthier brainstem responses. These results remained consistent even when the subjects had not continued their musical training as adults.


Right & Left Brain Development

Traditionally music has been recognized for its ability to grow the right side of the brain – creative and artsy. More recent research has demonstrated significant impact on left side learning. The improved cognitive function learned through music improves a wide variety of skills, from verbal and language skills to analytical and problem solving. While helping brains to function more creatively and use abstract thought, music also has been found to develop the mathematical and logical thought processes.

Musical learning sets the basis for balanced cognitive growth. Our Richmond Hill Indoor Playground is committed to creating fun and engaging musical learning opportunities that will help children develop a full range of cognitive development for all ages. Programs like, Music With Mommy, are perfect for introducing young children to music. While our karaoke and disco games allow kids of all ages to have fun setting their own pace for musical learning.

Our music programs and games are broken up with our multitude of other play activities. This way we can be sure to keep kids active and interested so that the learning process stays as fresh and fun as possible.

We are committed to creating a learning environment that is safe, fun, and engaging for all children. Our Richmond Hill Indoor Playground understands that a positive and encouraging learning environment is the key to healthy and happy growth for kids. Whether you are looking to join one of our music programs or to drop in for a memorable day of play, we hope to see you here today!


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