Our Fun Indoor Playground Close To Richmond Hill Offers 4 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Learning Through Music.

Indoor Playground Richmond Hill

Our Fun Indoor Playground Close To Richmond Hill Offers 4 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Learning Through Music.


From lullabies and nursery rhymes to learning their ABCs music has always played a big role while raising young children. Have you ever wondered why music seems to have such an important role in their lives?

Our Music with Mommy kinder music program was born out of the discovery that for young children music is so much more than just fun. Music encourages bonding, education, social and emotional development. The chance to play, sing, and dance with parents and other children can have a profound impact on kids, helping ensure they are happy, well adjusted, and comfortable.



For babies, much of their first learning and bonding comes from auditory cues. Shortly after birth babies are able to pick out their own mothers voice, and their father’s shortly after. The voice becomes an important part of connection as they grow.

Singing familiar songs help to make babies feel more comfortable, and as they get older they will sing or hum songs their parents have sung them to bring themselves comfort. This comes from the connectivity they feel with their parents through music.  Connecting with children through music is natural and stimulating. It builds relationships, connections, trust, and positive memories. That’s why our indoor playground close to Richmond Hill has a strong focus on our Music with Mommy program.



Even before learning their ABCs, music plays an important role in the early stages of learning. Children begin to recognize and decipher patterns, clapping, dancing or moving with the music. Much of rational learning is based on pattern recognition, so this is a big factor in their growth as learners.

Songs also play a role in developing memory skills at an early age. Having parents singing to children is especially beneficial as it makes the child happy, comfortable and feel encouraged. Even before they can speak babies begin to recognize the chorus in songs.



As important of a factor as music plays in helping parents and their children bond, that is only one element of music’s social benefits. Music creates a social atmosphere. While participating in music children naturally become more social, approaching and interacting with others, and staying closer to them. It creates a common ground between them and helps them to relate. This participation makes them more confident in themselves and more comfortable with others.



Music is an excellent emotional outlet for children. It can help them express and understand complex emotions. Between lyrics, movements, and tone they can identify emotions in themselves and others. This helps them become more comfortable with themselves as well as more empathetic to others. Music’s ability to help children understand theirs and others emotions helps them develop closer bonds and become more secure with themselves.

Come Sing With Us:

Our indoor playground located close to Richmond Hill fosters a community of growth, bonding, and encouragement for children of all ages. Our Music With Mommy is a great way to bond with your baby or young child, befriend other mom’s, and help your child make friends and discoveries through music. We hope you’ll join us here soon!

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